How Can We Confront Implicit Bias? The Director of Jacob's Pillow Shares Her Ideas

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At Jacob’s Pillow’s June gala, something happened that outraged me: A patron who identifies as black/biracial felt a white man seated behind her touch her tightly coiled hair. When she ignored him, he audibly complained that her hair would block his view of the stage. […]

Dance as activism
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This Dancer Spent a Month in Zion National Park as an Artist in Residence

For ballet dancers, taking daily class is one of the most natural things they can do. But taking class in nature is an entirely different story. Last September, outdoor barre became the new normal for Sarah Longoria during her monthlong stint at Utah’s Zion National […]

Dance as activism
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What should students choose? College, concert or commercial dance?

As dancers chassé toward their senior year of school, they begin to decide where dance will take them. Where will they take that next step, or leap, to make their dance dreams a reality? There are so many options across college dance, the commercial scene […]

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Costume Inspiration: Dance Costume Guide Out Now

It’s time to get inspired and excited for your next recital, so start looking at costume choices! This season there are so many gorgeous styles and looks to choose from, with hundreds of elegant, fun, cute, colorful and character designs. Dance Informa’s popular Dance Costume […]

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CLI Studios: Inspiration, Collaboration and Education

Note: CLI Studios has recently revised its products and services to provide them all through its Studio Partnership Program, where CLI works directly with dance studios. Stay tuned for a new article on CLI’s programs in 2018! It is rare to find a dance company so willing to […]

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This new year, take ‘I’m too busy’ out of your vocabulary

This new year, take “I’m too busy” out of your vocabulary for healthier body and mind, and dive with your whole self into a richer life. “Oh my goodness, how are you?” an old friend squeals when I see her at the store recently. “Busy,” […]

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Dance Studio Owners: Are you making this mistake?

The BIGGEST mistake Dance Studios are making in their marketing right now… Here’s a BIG question for you this week, lovely Dance Informa readers! When it comes to your studio, are you marketing what you DO or are you marketing what you GIVE? You see, […]

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A letter to my students: Create Stories that Matter

Vincas Greene was Chair of the Department of Dance at Brenau University in Gainesville, Georgia, and worked there for 21 years. Students adored him and affectionately referred to him as “Master Greene”. Upon leaving Brenau and moving to Spokane, Washington, to continue to develop his […]

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Allegro Performing Arts Academy: Secrets to Success

Several elite protégés at PULSE dance convention, numerous awards, and a win for Best Musical Theatre number at this past August’s Industry Dance Awards (for the third year in a row). That smells like success. So how does one studio do it? Allegro Performing Arts […]

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Longtime Ballet Teacher Publishes Lesson Workbook

Connie Bellingshausen has taught dance since 1972, giving her over 40 years of experience in creating and executing lesson plans. While she has also taught jazz, tap and even period dancing (including Irish and Scottish dances), her main focus has been ballet. Now, much of […]